Terobosan baru mesin kasir SE-S10 cerdas menggabungkan kemudahan dalam setup dan operasi sehari-hari dengan fitur mewah seperti tampilanbelakang pelanggan yang ramah dan keyboard antimikroba. Ini, gaya cocok mendaftar kompak setiap lingkungan ritel.





Thermal printer with 58mm wide paper
HELP key
Drop-in paper loading mechanism
Rear display for customer viewing
Antimicrobial keyboard (SIAA ISO22196)
Environmental design and eco-product specifications

Unit prices of 500 items can be programmed using up to 8 characters per item.
Up to five lines for a store message on receipts
When you select a printer in RECEIPT printer mode, you can program 24 characters x 5 lines of text, such as the store name, to appear at the top of receipts.

Calculator mode
The calculator mode converts the SE-S10 for use as a calculator.

Electronic journal
The electronic journal function captures registered transactions in memory for printing when needed.

Other Features

Journal or receipt printing selection
Received on account/Paid-out functions
Error correction
Refund mode for recording returned goods
Percentage and discount amount
Non-sales and non-add code entry
Battery backup for memory protection*
Lockable cash drawer
Multipurpose tray as standard feature

Selection of Models

Model with small drawer(5 coin and 3 note compartments)
Model with medium-size drawer(8 coin and 4 note compartments)Models vary by country.



Model No. SE-S10
No. of departments 20
No. of PLUs 500
Memory backup Backup method AA size manganese battery x 2*
*Batteries are not included with this unit
Backup period Approx. 1 year
Display Operator and customer 7-segment 8-digit LED
Operator 14-segment 1-digit LED
Printer 1-station 24-column thermal printer
Power source Official (nominal) voltage and frequency
Power consumption 120v, 0.2A / 230v, 0.13A
Paper width 58mm +0/-1mm Max 80ƒÓ
Environment Operating temperature 0 to 40 Ž
Humidity 10% – 90%RH
Dimensions With small drawer 330(W) x 360(D) x 188(H) mm
With medium drawer 410(W) x 450(D) x 205(H) mm
Weight Approx. 4kg with small drawer, 7.5 kg with medium-size drawer

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